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Organize your knowledge and wisdom.

Create sales conversations that drive the organizational change
and open the door to your solution.

De-pressurize from Sales.

Focus on your insights and wisdom to win hearts and minds. 
People love to buy, but they hate to be sold to – age old wisdom
for your B2B customers, too.

Before customers want to buy your solution, they want to love the buying process.

Your buyers love getting answers to problems they don’t
know how to solve themselves, and they really love insights
into how to solve problems they don’t even know they have.

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Your solution is the cart before the horse — first inspire your buyers to change the way they do business now.

They love getting answers to the one critical priority they talk about all day that stands in the way of buying any new solution, and really love to buy when they learn what other leaders in their shoes are doing to round the corner to new revenues. 


You have this hard-earned knowledge.

Your knowledge is what can drive the organizational change needed to value your solution. But the pressure to sell and meet numbers destroys this type of wisdom. Add that critical sales insights are hidden or scattered throughout the sales process.


Discover and organize your genius. Build a repeatable message. 
Your customers will see the value of your wisdom – and then, the value of your solution.

5% to 20% increased revenues:
3 ways to inspire the organizational change so your solution is valued.

Knowledge Audit

It’s loved by my clients because it delivers messaging confidence in a fraction of the time it would take to do a full marketing plan.

Discover and organize your knowledge and insights

Your hard-earned knowledge and insights about your buyers’ problems are your most important sales and marketing assets.

Does your messaging clearly explain to new leads and new buyers how you solve these problems in the language your buyers understand?

A Knowledge Audit is your first step to organizing what you know into a compelling message that leads to higher revenues.  

What you get:

The foundation for your powerful new message.

Organize your deeper understanding of your buyers’ psychology, their problems, their priorities, their fears, their goals.

Deliver answers for the one critical priority your buyers talk about all day that stands in the way of buying any new solution.

Discover how you’ll push buyers away from their fear of change. Educate buyers about how to solve the problems they don’t know how to solve themselves or don’t even know they have.

Compelling talking points for your new sales conversation.

·       Show your buyers what other decision-makers like them are doing to be successful.

·       Build critical trust quickly and shorten sales cycles with focused knowledge and insights.

·       Organize hidden or scattered sales insights into a single, powerhouse messaging strategy.

Your Knowledge Audit is the foundation every company needs to begin building messaging for sales conversations, online content, blogs, and social media.

In just 4 hours, divided into two sessions, you’ll have the groundwork laid for a message that resonates with your buyers. Set up a time on my calendar, below. And I can give you all the details you need to get started.   

Sales Conversation

Build a powerful Sales Conversation Script

Built with 20 years of quota over-achieving experience and input from Silicon Valley’s best sales conversation consultants. It’s everything you need to put your Knowledge Audit discoveries to work in customer-facing sales conversation for new leads and new buyers.

Ask powerful, open-ended questions. Show buyers the reasons why they’re in the predicament they’re in. Drive the knowledge and insights organized from your Knowledge Audit and support it with value-soaked stories about your customers’ successes. Make the best case to inspire your buyers to want to change how they do business now and go with you.

A full sales knowledge conversation script divided into 12 parts, and the specifics to know what to say to bring them to your sales destination.

1.       Introduce your knowledge, your ability to help

Rapport building suggestions.

2.       Specialized Knowledge Conversation

Give your buyers a historical context for your knowledge.

3.       Key insights you’ve learned

Show them what successful leaders just like them have struggled with.

Show them what organizations like theirs have done to become successful.  

4.       Conversation starting, open-ended questions about your buyers’ predicament and pains.

Get buyers to reveal the key problems that need your expertise.  

5.       First Attempt Schedule a deeper discussion
Know what to day to diffuse sales pressure.

6.       Help buyers understand why these pains exist.

Give them the real reasons why buyers struggle.

7.       Proposing a Strategy

Drive home how these problems are overcome

8.       Offerings

Show them why your pilot program or Goal Audit works and solve that critical issue for your buyers so they open the door to your solution.

9.       Benefits

Easily list the benefits or your offering in the language that your buyers will best understand.

10.   Examples of successes

Build exciting case studies that deliver the value your buyers are looking for in under a minute.

11.   Elevator Speech

Know what to say to leads to generate 30 minute appointments

12.   Bio

Build a fantastic list of your accomplishments and your organization’s accomplishments that can be explained in under a minute.


“Hands down, the best sales conversation builder I’ve ever seen for consultants and B2B organizations.” – Scott Fahl, Founder of Privy, SaaS Real Estate Technology

Sales Support

Sales training and support. 


  • Effective and efficient coaching.

  • Reinforce the talk tracks for conversations
    that close deals.

  • Find the call/email cadence that works.

  • Isolate the key bright spots that move
    your sale through the pipeline to close.

  • Close proficiency gaps

  • Practice, practice, practice.


Goal Audit

Goal Audit is a powerful phase 2 for your plan to build new revenue:

Use the knowledge and insights discovered and organized with your Knowledge Audit from Ink Stain and build your own audit for your buyers.
An Ink Stain Goal Audit puts your knowledge to work to solve a critical problem for your buyers. A Goal Audit, shows your buyers exactly why they are in the predicament they’re in to make your solution valuable.

Build a gap analysis that exposes the root cause of problems and provides goal clarity:

·       Build questions and answers designed to give your buyers a true analysis.

·       Interview your buyers about their biggest concerns and goals. Give them insights that inspire clarity and new possibility.

·       Give your buyers a step by step, no-pressure way to understand the root causes of the objections that stand in the way of buying your solution.

·       Use your education about their challenges to identify problems they don’t know they have or don’t know how to solve themselves.

·       Shed light on your industry wisdom. Build trust. Offer ideas and suggestions and insights that give your buyers the confidence to burst open the sales door for your offering.

Custom packages built on proven insights based on what matters most to your buyers. Messaging to compel current clients to stay and pay more.

  • Inbound lead generation content, email marketing.

  • Outbound content for customer conversation success.

  • Content strategy to produce blog article packages with magnetic social media blurbs to pull buyers to your site.

  • Powerful customer focused, content based on 10 years of digital media sales messaging experience.

    Give your buyers a way to love the buying process.

    Show your buyers, with a step by step process, how to make their biggest concern a source for innovation and strength that makes your solution valuable.  

    A Goal Audit is the fastest and least expensive way to showcase your expertise and give your buyers real answers about their top concerns that stand in the way of buying your solution.

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