Joseph’s expert communication skills show up through the quality of his questions and the effectiveness of his listening, which ensure his customers experience his sincere desire to uncover ways to support their success.
— Cheryl Geoffrion, Leadership Development; Sales & Negotiation Skills; Coaching and Consulting Services
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9 dot Arts • art advisory

A Loyalty Story increases revenues 22% in 4 months. See how...

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American Sentinel University

7% increase in enrollments in 4 months with a 34% increase in readership and growing...

SaaS tech: real estate to real people.

Instead of a technical advantage, Privy works to make your specific real estate career successful, a formula for a 25% increase in revenue in 6 months...

Content Strategy: Online magazine for Bristlecone Learning

“If”: Stories about culture-based-leadership that go beyond the bottom line.