3-Phase Knowledge Process

The fastest way to focus your offering and
discover the message you need.

Phase I: Knowledge Audit

Discover and organize all levels of your knowledge and insights.

Your hard-earned knowledge and insights about your buyers’ problems are your most important sales and marketing assets. Does your messaging clearly explain how you solve these problems in a language your customers understand?

The Knowledge Audit is the first step in the process of organizing your top levels of knowledge — what you’re already aware of — and more importantly, unlocking and understanding the deeper levels of information and insights you have, that you don’t even know you possess, ultimately allowing you to refine and clarify a compelling new message leading directly to more sales and increased revenue. 


Phase II: Client Goal Audit

Use your Ink Stain Knowledge Audit discoveries to build your own audit for your own customers. The Client Goal Audit is a powerful second step toward building new revenue for your business.

Powerful customer focused, content based on more than a decade of digital media sales messaging experience.
 Give your buyers a way to love the buying process. 
Show your buyers, with a step by step process, how to make their biggest concern a source for innovation and strength that makes your solution more valuable.  
A Client Goal Audit is the fastest and least expensive way to showcase your expertise and give your buyers real answers about their top concerns that stand in the way of buying your solution.


Phase III: Sales Conversation Script

A complete 12-part sales knowledge conversation script, and the specifics to know what to say in order to bring customers to your sales destination. Includes everything you need to put your Knowledge Audit discoveries to work in customer-facing sales conversations for new leads and buyers.