#4: Career Trajectory Goals: The B2B Marketer’s Guide to the Deeper Reason Why They Buy

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When you’re engaged with your work as a marketer, you find the creative and emotional power to engage your buyers.

What engages you?

The feeling that you are on a unique pathway in marketing. You’re not just a marketer—or just any marketer—you’re a specialized marketer doing a form or style of marketing that best exemplifies your viewpoints and talents.

Helping your buyers who have a specific career trajectory in mind succeed will also help you stay engaged as an outstanding marketer. 

Many of your buyers buy from you because in some way you are helping them do the thing they’ve always wanted to do. They buy from you because you understand their unique career trajectory.

Your customers may have a vision and an execution plan for a very specific career pathway. This specific path for their career is reserved for an inner circle; it’s private, it’s only shared with a chosen and trusted inner-circle of non-competitive supporters of their ambitions.

So now, imagine you are a marketer for a Real Estate SaaS.

And you’ve got a powerful algorithm that will break new ground.

It’s seductive to market the idea of how easy it is to use your technology to find profit spreads in any zip code.

But your challenge is that real estate people are intimidated by technology. With all the challenges that real estate people deal with, you wonder why technology is so intimidating. But it is.

So you study what challenges they’ve overcome. With the right input and the right research, with conversations with real estate experts that go deeper into their motivations, you realize something that you can’t shake: What your professional customers are doing to build their own careers is more important than any story about an algorithm’s power or a SaaS’s ease of use.

You realize your narrative is now in competition with another narrative and your narrative is not winning.

You pour over the evidence: 4 types of real estate powerhouse (pardon the pun) professionals leap out at you:

1.     The fix n’ flipper – Working to find the exact profit spread of each house balanced with the

right amount of houses flipped monthly—That’s her individual formula for success, as far as she is concerned.

2.     The short-hold and high volume home flipper – Profit spreads for each house based on a

target profit goal for each renovated (flipped) house.

3.     The long-term rental investor.

4.     The visionary neighborhood developer.

You realize there might be more, but these 4 are enough to prove that a career trajectory in real estate is a huge part of a successful career.

It boils down to this: Some realtors want to flip as many houses as quickly as possible—so get out of their way. Other real estate professionals are on a pathway to become accomplished developers with a vision for a new type of innovative neighborhood.

You study each category of real estate goal, and the pathway they’ve used to reach success. You create ‘success profiles’ designed to inspire your buyers to learn more about what other successful real estate professionals are doing to achieve vastly different styles of real estate triumphs.

This is what you realize: Engagement is your ability as a marketer to help real estate professionals get to a goal that is not yet clear to themselves.

Technology may not be the answer until you do something else—until you show them that you understand their career trajectory, their unspoken career pathway and goals.

You market the power of a successful career—you market what they do with your software to be successful as experts. You show and talk about other real estate experts that fit these profiles. You have stories about their breakthroughs, the pit-falls they face, the insights they need for career success in each of these career categories.

 And the surprise is: You helped them overcome their fear of your technology because you inspired them to see the power of leaving the status quo of the ancient, MLS directory system—because you spoke about something bigger than technology.

What you sell is a technology feature, a confusing and loosely flying piece of debris lost in a usage vortex, until such a thing helps someone shape a vision for success.

A Career Trajectory Goal is a deeper reason why a customer is motivated to accomplish great work. Understanding their career pathway—and providing them insights about others who have succeeded in that pathway, creates a powerful way for you to guide, inform, and educate your buyers about what truly drives them to succeed.

When you’re engaged with what is authentically and emotionally meaningful to your buyers, you’ve tapped into a universal truth; you have the grit to stand behind what you do—you’re engaged because you see life-changing results.

The success that comes with helping your buyers be successful originates from what engages you to do great work as a marketer. When you’re engaged, you find the creative and emotional power to engage your buyers.

When you find out the deeper emotional reasons why your best customers buy from you, you hold on to your love of marketing.


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