#2 of 4: Innovation Goals: The B2B Marketer's Guide to The Deeper Reason Why They Buy

What’s the reward that comes with helping your buyers be successful?

The answer: The engagement needed to do great work as a marketer.

What engages you?

The deeper reasons why they buy.

An Innovation Goal is when you mastermind and provide a breakthrough for your buyer that puts to work the deeper knowledge they have about their own industry.

Since not all knowledge is knowable at once, your customers need your help identifying and putting to work the embedded knowledge they have about how they help their own buyers.

Innovation Goals make this possible.

Imagine you are a top Marketer for a large, corporate hospital by the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado.

You have a new goal: To buy a corporate art collection that visually tells the story of your hospital’s brand with a visual power to inspire well-being.

During the beginnings of the art selection process, your corporate art advisor strategizes an Innovation Goal. She shows you landscape paintings of the Great Plains of the Western United States; visceral paintings of rolling skies and infinite fields. Your goal to promote the well-being for your patients experiences a breakthrough.

Your industry knowledge about the complexities of a healing environment are triggered: As a marketer, you know that your hospital is dominated by a view of the Rocky Mountains, but many of your hospital’s patients come from Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, New Mexico. Viewing landscape paintings from the Great Plains allows patients from the Great Plains areas in the country to feel less anxious and more grounded during a difficult time. The shift in imagery empowers the hospital to feel more like…home.

Your thoughtful art advisor provided you an innovation that matched your marketing goals. She triggered your industry knowledge about how to engage your customers in ways that reflect, in this case, strong nuances of a healing brand, a very complex subject.

That’s the power of an Innovation Goal. This goal relies on your embedded, deeper, knowledge about the minds and experiences of your buyers.

This knowledge leads to innovations.

And your industry knowledge is waiting to be discovered.

Imagine your nuanced knowledge as a single source of accessible expertise. Duplicate the success of your best customer stories so you can show your buyers how you solve problems they can’t solve themselves or how you solve the problems they don’t even know they have.  

All potential for innovation, or hidden genius—yours and everyone else's—succumbs to the pressure the business world demands of us to get to the point, to keep it simple, to distill benefits and value down to their most transportable form. 

We’re all gatekeepers of the profit pathway. So, we need access to the deeper things we know: our industry knowledge and the culmination of our successful acts of service. That’s how you differentiate. That’s how you build an authentic sales model. You use truths from each successful sale and recognize a pattern. The repeated patterns of service are what form an innovative sales model.

As a marketer, you want to tell the story of the Great Plains paintings to a larger audience because it’s a proud part of the hospital brand. Once again, your art advisor (she’s really good) is helping you reach your Innovation Goal. She’s accomplished this because she knows how to uncover and put to work your Industry Knowledge.

So, you chose the art advisor who is the only one who specializes in creating public relations packages for her clients. She has the Innovation Goal you need; she is an expert at writing the art collection PR language that tells the right story for your hospital PR team, so they don’t have to start from scratch. She has a system for choosing local artists, for a lecture series, for exhibitions—so you can get this story out to the local audiences and talk about what you’ve accomplished for the region. This art advisor also has micro-sites and a plug and play marketing system for your event web pages. She came to you with that Innovation Goal in mind, and has met you half way to make it come alive.

You buy, because few other art advisors have innovatively used art as a tool for building an organizational voice in the community. You buy because this breakthrough innovation meets an unrealized potential to bring the power of your hospital’s art collection to a larger community. She’s an expert in hospitals and has organized her own genius into a repeatable system—for better ROI, because her successes keep her engaged with her work.


Your buyers won’t tell you why they don’t buy. What are the real reasons why they don’t buy that are often never revealed to marketers? What if you had the switch to flip Reticent Goals, that is, why they don’t buy, into why they do buy?

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