#1 of 4: The B2B Marketer's Guide to the Deeper Reasons Why They Buy

When you find out the deeper emotional reasons why your best customers buy from you, you hold on to your love of marketing.


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Here’s why:

The success that comes with helping your buyers be successful originates from what engages you to do great work as a marketer. When you’re engaged, you find the creative and emotional power to engage your buyers.

When you’re engaged with what is authentically and emotionally meaningful to your buyers, you’ve tapped into a universal truth; you have the grit to stand behind what you do; you’re engaged because you see life-changing results.

It’s easy to forget: even B2B customers buy based on emotional reasons, and justify their purchase later with a business case.

Your intuitions about the emotional reasons why your customer buy get stronger as you learn more about the lives of your buyers.

But flashes of intuition aren’t enough.

If you search harder behind the emotional curtain, then you’ll find it: you’ll discover a small playbook with the 4 major plot points that reveal what you may already know: the deeper reasons why they buy: 

·       Visionary Goals

·       Innovation Goals

·       Reticent Goals

·       Career Trajectory Goals

#1: The Visionary Goal: The Deeper Reasons Why They Buy

A world of meaningful ambition is at the heart of the Visionary Goal.

It’s an ambition that goes beyond personal gain.

A Visionary Goal is when your buyer chooses to do something big to form a new and deeper relationship to the world.

It’s risky because the reward is so exciting.

Your customer is not afraid to dive into the deep end of the unknown. He or she has stepped up to their career plate in a bigger way.  

With all this new and unrefined ambition, your customer may need help understanding what it is they truly want to accomplish. And, how to do it. That may not always feel like your job. But what if it is?

What if your job was to place the train tracks on the ground before the train arrives—as an educator and innovator?  

Visionary Goal, Example ‘A’ for Ambition:

Let’s imagine you are a marketing professional for a B2B industrial printer. Your company prints top quality magazine issues for the best magazine publishers in the USA. You print for a hundred, high-volume, monthly magazine titles a year. But you know that many of your customers want to become great publishers of ideas. That’s the magazine owners’—small publication, or big time publisher—visionary goal.

What you’re really selling is their dream back to them in their own emotional language. You imagine what it’s like to be in their shoes, to want it bad—to want to be a publisher. You see the fantasy from inside their heart.

To help them reach their Visionary Goal, nascent publishers need your advertising plans and competitive reviews; they need your business-plan support experience, your graphic design support, and your distribution plan knowledge.

You dump the capabilities language. Instead, you become an ally. An educator. A resource.  You refuse to say this is what “we” do for you.

Your marketing focuses on: ‘How to become a great publisher’. Because that’s really why they came to talk to you in the first place. But they may not know it.

Their dream is often without a map or an app. Flying blind into the heart of an adventure is the state of mind your customer is in.

You meet her there, one step ahead of her. Catch her if she trips and falls. Use your knowledge to show her the way.

Because you can close your eyes and see her Visionary Goal. You feel what her ambition feels like.

It’s alive in you too. The success that comes with helping your buyers be successful is based in what engages you too to do great work. When you find out the deeper emotional reasons why your best customers buy from you, you hold on to your love of marketing.


Your buyers are a walking encyclopedia of industry knowledge…but not all industry knowledge is knowable at once. But what if all your buyers’ knowledge lived in one place, in a repeatable system? Read #2: Innovation Goals, the 2nd of 4 articles on The Deeper Reasons Why They Buy. Find out how to engage your buyers, and engage yourself—as a marketer for better ROI, and for the best way to hold on to your love of marketing.