"Joseph provided us a content strategy that produced enrollments. It was a content strategy from the perspective of the adult student, and his innovative articles are among the most successful in terms of generating new revenue.

-Lisa Long
Marketing Communications and Content

For American Sentinel University:

A 34% increase in web readership, converting to 7% increase in enrollments in 4 months.

3 years of success of successful growth are attributed to this program.

Based on two key reasons why prospective students didn't buy... 

...and these reasons led to my creation of “You Can Go Back to School Again”, a blog series that became nationally known on the Robert Johnson Wood Foundation site.

A sampling of articles written by Joseph Coplans for a nationally recognized content strategy, "You Can Go Back to School Again", for American Sentinel University


Nationally Recognized Content Hosted on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Website

34% increased readership and 7% increases revenue in 4 months