Martha Weidmann and Molly Casey, Owners of NINE dot ARTS.


NINE dot ARTS, Art Advisory, excels with a Loyalty Story™

Results: A 22% increase in revenue in 4 months.

A new sales process and PR system gave 9 dot Arts two of its highest profile customers, within a 4-month period.

"Joseph showed us how to organize and put to work our greatest attributes. We now have an organized offering, a brand promise and a story that has helped us increase our depth as a company. His language for our collateral was beyond our expectations and he understood our most important ideas."

- Martha Weidmann, CEO and Co Founder, NINE dot ARTS

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for NINE dot ARTS

B2B marketers desire a way to tell more stories about the good things they have accomplished for their customers.


A new sales model lead to the creation of an authentic story told in print, below. New sales conversations were based in a new pre-process and a successful PR process to create nine steps for NINE dot ARTS. (see case study)