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Ink Stain Inc. is powerful messaging driven by simplified marketing.

Get more leads.
Close more deals.  

Make your value tangible.

Ink Stain Inc gives you 3 ways
to make your value tangible:

Your ability to message your value.

Buyers want insights into what others in their shoes, in their industry, are doing to be successful­—before they will disrupt the way they are doing things now. And your loyal clients need messaging that makes a clear case for why they should stay with you.

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Your ability to focus your offering.

Focus on what will solve a problem right now, rather than the whole enchilada. Build trust and inroads for expansion, first. With success, you’ll encounter less competition and discounting.


Your ability to choose marketing that is targeted to reach an achievable goal – fast.

Simplify your marketing.

My experience has proven that the fastest way to get results for your consultancy is to start small and build upon each success.


5% to 20% increased revenues based on powerful messaging and simplified marketing: 

Marketing Audit

An ultra affordable way to focus on what will close business now.

Together we choose the fastest way to reach the right buyers:

  • What are your impossible to ignore strengths?

  • What is your offering and its value to segmented buyers?

  • What are new the key messaging directions that need development?

  • And exactly how will you bring a new message to your buyers to get the biggest bang for your buck? (the best mediums, the right steps for new revenue).




It's what makes your value tangible—and contagious.
Custom packages built on proven insights based on what matters most to your buyers. Messaging to compel current clients to stay and pay more.

  • Inbound lead generation content, email marketing.

  • Outbound content for customer conversation success.

  • Content strategy to produce blog article packages with magnetic social media blurbs to pull buyers to your site.

  • Powerful customer focused, content based on 10 years of digital media sales messaging experience.


Serious Lead Generation.

8-10 pages of the most compelling reasons why your buyers need to change what they are doing now and go with you.

  • Insights that position you as an industry expert.

  • Optimized, key-word rich content.

  • Social media hooks that inspire must-have downloads of your content, giving you vital marketing contact power.

*(Excludes creative. Includes wireframe)

Sales Scripting

Real conversations based on your tangible value.


  • Sales Scripts.

  • One-Sheets.

  • Sales Decks.

  • BDR/SDR (Business Development Rep) cold-call scripts to guarantee authority, budget, need, and urgency.

  • Prospecting emails that highlight critical sales bright spots.



Sales Support

Sales training and support. 


  • Effective and efficient coaching.

  • Reinforce the talk tracks for conversations that close deals.

  • Find the call/email cadence that works.

  • Isolate the key bright spots that move your sale through the pipeline to close.

  • Close proficiency gaps

  • Practice, practice, practice.



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Joseph showed us how to organize and put to work our greatest attributes. We now have an organized offering, a brand promise and a story that has helped us increase our depth as a company.
— Martha Weidmann, CEO and founder, NINE dot ARTS

We don't intrude, or take over your marketing. Our goal is to work behind the scenes to make you look like a hero, by giving you access to a deeper emotional story based on what your organization has already accomplished.  

I have worked with these organizations to develop messaging, content, engagement and revenue strategies.

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