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Organize your knowledge and wisdom.

Create sales conversations that drive organizational change and open the door to your solution.

De-pressurize from Sales.

Focus on your insights and wisdom to win hearts and minds. People love to buy, but they hate to be sold to – age old wisdom for your B2B customers, too.

Before customers want to buy your solution, they want to love the buying process.

Your buyers love getting answers to problems they don’t know how to solve themselves, and they really love insights into how to solve problems they don’t even know they have.

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Your solution is the cart before the horse — first inspire your buyers to change the way they do business now.

They love getting answers to the one critical priority they talk about all day that stands in the way of buying any new solution, and really love to buy when they learn what other leaders in their shoes are doing to round the corner to new revenues. 


You have this hard-earned knowledge.

Your knowledge is what can drive the organizational change needed to value your solution. But the pressure to sell and meet numbers destroys this type of wisdom. Add that critical sales insights are hidden or scattered throughout the sales process.


Discover and organize your genius.

Build a repeatable message. Your customers will see the value of your wisdom and then, the value of your solution.

Want to increase your revenue by 5 – 20% ?
Discover 3 simple steps to inspire organizational change
and make your solution more valued.

Joseph’s expert communication skills show up through the quality of his questions and the effectiveness of his listening, which ensure his customers experience his sincere desire to uncover ways to support their success.
— Cheryl Geoffrion: Leadership Development, Sales & Negotiation Skills, Coaching & Consulting Services