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9 dot Arts • art advisory

A Loyalty Story™ increases revenue 22% in 4 months. See How...

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American Sentinel University

7% increase in enrollments in 4 months with a 34% increase in readership and growing...

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SaaS tech: real estate to real people.

Instead of a technical advantage, Privy works to make your specific real estate career successful, a formula for a 25% increase in revenue in 6 months...

Joseph showed us how to organize and put to work our greatest attributes. We now have an organized offering, a brand promise and a story that has helped us increase our depth as a company.
— Martha Weidmann, CEO and founder, NINE dot ARTS



A snapshot of what INK STAIN delivers:

INK STAIN Offers Your Organization:


A Deeper Understanding of Why They Buy
An Authentic Story

A Repeatable Sales Process
Partnership Innovations
Custom Content Strategy
Content Pillars & Calendars
Content Promotion Plan


SEO Strategy and Execution
Whiteboarding Services
Sales Scripting
Prospecting Conversation Development
Sales Conversation Development
Sourcing Writers and Editors

I have worked with these organizations to develop messaging, Content, engagement and Revenue Strategies.

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